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We deliver RESULTS not reports!

​​​​Cyber Solutions LLC is an IBM partner offering analytics solutions & technology consulting services to meet  client requirements in the rapidly evolving, technology world.

Our Solutions

  1. 1
    Business Intelligence
    Analytics delivered through a guided experience that turns the novice user to a pro. Work with any data, to create and share insights.
  2. 2
    Planning Analytics
    Solutions that span finance, sales and operations transform systems of engagement and infuse scenarios and predictive intelligence into financial performance initiatives.
  3. 3
    Watson Analytics
    A powerful foundation for decision making that takes predictive analytics to the next level by helping you choose what action to take next.
  4. 4
    Watson for Social Media
    A powerful solution to help you analyze the unstructured data from all over the internet and make it a useful resource for your strategic growth plans.

Quality + Innovation + Cost Effective + Integrity = Client Satisfaction

Our value proposition: We take time to understand your business logic. This allows us to address your business-related issues and guide users toward proper interaction with applications. This increases customer satisfaction and improves efficiency.